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    Pumped Sports

    LOADED 30serve

    Pumped Sports Loaded is a scientifically proven pre-workout formula blend that ticks all boxes a top-notch powerhouse of a pre-workout should.

    This product sharpens focus, builds up endurance and pumps with an immense strength to throw those dumbbells around the gym.

    On top of that, Sports Loaded contains the amazing Beta Alanine – a compound famous for its qualities that fuels up endurance during intense workout sessions. Beta Alanine does this by fusing up with histidine so that they can then form carnosine. In turn, carnosine assumes the role of a natural ‘cleaner’ upon entering the body and removes lactic acid that was previously accumulated in the tissue of the muscles. The less lactic acid in the muscles: the higher levels of focus, endurance, and power.

    Also, lactic acid is directly proportional to fatigue – meaning that getting rid of this chemical compound leads to elevated energy levels to pump iron for longer!

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