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    Women's Best Fat Burner 120caps


    Our scientifically developed power-formula gives you that extra energy boost and supports your body getting in shape!
    The top ingredient choline which has been approved by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), helps you reach your goals and contributes to a balanced fat metabolism.
    The used caffeine and a number of valuable B vitamins are your daily energizer: both caffeine and vitamin B12 reduce tiredness and fatigue while vitamin B7 supports a stable energy metabolism.
    Further important ingredients are vitamins B5 and B9 and extracts from the famous plant Rhodiola Rosea.

    Powerful formula


    Kickstart your lipid metabolism

    Longer endurance during diet phases

    Increased workout performance

    Contains top ingredients such as L-tyrosine, alpha lipoic acid & Rhodiola Rosea


Women's Best is a Global Brand backed by some of the biggest online celebrities and Super Women in the industry. At Boom Boy we are proud to deliver the Brand in to NZ!


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