• BSc HydroxyBurn Lean5 25serve

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    Lean5 25serve


    Burn fat and Build Lean Muscle with BSc Lean5 Protein

    Gluten Free

    Low Carb

    Vitamins & Minerals

    Digezyme Enzymes & Orafti  Prebiotic

    Maximise Protein Absorption

    5 X Sustained Release

    Added Carnitine

    17 Vitamins & Mineral

    High Fibre

    Fast Action

    3 X Whey Proteins

    Extended Action 2 X Casein Proteins

    Lean 5 contains numerous protein-based products. Lean5 contains the dairy-based proteins whey and/ casein and have a low carbohydrate and fat content.

    The combination of the fast-digested whey protein and slow-digested casein protein is trusted as providing the ideal combination for promoting healthy weight loss.


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