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    Mars Protein Powder 800g

    When you use 100% Whey Protein by Mars, you’ll be getting:

    A combination of three different forms of whey protein so that you get the best of all words and aren’t missing out on any benefits that whey has to offer.
    A fast acting source of protein (thanks to the inclusion of whey isolate), which will help ensure that you are going to see rapid muscle rebuilding results after your workout sessions. You’ll recover faster, thus be able to hit the gym sooner and train once again.
    Take in very little carbs or fats, ensuring that you can continue to get leaner while using this protein powder
    Receive the high quality BCAA’s that your body needs to repair and rebuild muscle tissue optimally
    Muscle energy that helps you feel stronger as you go about your day
    Immune boosting benefits that are inherent in any whey protein powder supplement


    If you are not taking whey protein powder, now is the time to start. The great thing about whey protein is that it’s for everyone. You don’t necessarily have to be hitting the gym lifting weights hard to benefit. If your idea of exercise is more along the lines of brisk walking, yoga, or playing tennis, you too can benefit from a good quality whey protein powder. Don’t leave recovery up to chance.


    With each serving of 100% Whey Protein by Mars, you’ll be taking in:

    135 calories
    23.6 grams of protein – which is a high protein count per serving compared to most protein powders
    Just 4 grams of carbohydrates, of which 2.5 grams are sugar
    2.6 grams of dietary fats
    This is one protein you won’t want to leave on the table. If you’ve struggled to meet your protein needs in the past, it’s about to get that much easier if you pick this up and have it at home at all times.

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