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    Gaspari Nutrition

    Myofusion Advanced Protein 4lb

    The ultimate time release whey protein powder has been invented by Gaspari with Myofusion Advanced.

    Containing 25g of protein per scoop, this leading whey powder is designed to deliver the required nutrients to support and assist with muscle recovery and lean muscle growth for athletes and active adults.

    So whether you’re training for competitive reasons or simply enjoy hitting the gym for your own personal benefit, take advantage of one of the very best powders on the market.

    This fast acting, easy to digest blend consists of the finest quality pure whey isolate, whey protein hydrolysate, high grade whey concentrate, pure milk powder and micellar casein which is slow digesting and will feed your muscles for hours after drinking this delicious protein shake.

    When it’s simply too difficult to get enough protein through your diet, this is a fantastic (and incredibly healthy) solution. Boom Boy is proud to be able to offer Gaspari Myofusion advanced powder to our customers throughout NZ.

    This is also a great product to stack for NZ customers looking to build lean muscle.


    Myofusion Advanced Blend Benefits:

    • 25grams of quality protein: Clean and effective blend of four protein sources to help you build muscle by aiding with its recovery and supporting growth.

    • Gluten free: Don’t worry about it making you bloat.

    • No added sugar:To keep you lean and clean, this product has no added sugars or synthetic colours. It is also low in both fat and sodium.

    • Time release blend: Slow release so there’s energy there when your muscles really need it.

    • Amazing Taste: Great creamy milkshake texture.

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