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    Wizard Nutrition

    Fire Blast 120serve

    Introducing the new Fireblast fat burner powder, where one serving is equivalent to half a Fireblast capsule, with a total of 120 serves not 60.

    Why make double the amount of servings at half strength of the capsules? Many people found one capsule too strong so they would take half a capsule.

    Using a powder allows for you to easily change the dosage. How do I know if i need the Fireblast powder or capsules?

    This depends on your tolerance to stimulants. If you're unsure we generally recommend starting with the powder so you can increase or decrease the dosage as necessary.

    FIREBLAST Powder contains the most potent fusion of fat burning ingredients ever created by the alchemists at Wizard Nutrition.

    Given its success among the wizard community, the Elders have decided that the general public should also benefit from the extraordinary thermogenic power of FIREBLAST; to help even the odd in the war against stubborn fat.


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