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    Ronnie Coleman 
    KING MASS XL15lb
    Mass Gainer Protein

    Gain KING SIZE MASS fast!

    If you want to gain size and help build muscle fast you need plenty of protein to fuel your body!

    King Mass by Ronnie Coleman contains a massive 60grams of protein per serving that will ensure your muscles are well fed and remain in an anabolic state for longer.

    KingMass is easy to drink and mixes in a delicious shake that will allow you to quickly get all the required calories needed to put on size. With Milk shake flavours you will look forward to drinking your protein shake all day.

    With 1000 'Growth accelerating' calories per serve, 60 grams of protein and 180g of carbs & healthy fats this is one huge shake that will have uses gaining weight, size and muscle fast!

    King Mass also contains Glutamine and Creatine both great for muscle growth, strength gains and endurance while maintaining any muscle gains you put on.

A crucial part of any training program, whey protein can make all the difference if you use the right blend in the right way. Whey protein naturally occurs in cow’s milk, and is concentrated and purified into a supplement. Smash your way through the gym and through life with this powerful, natural protein which will have you performing at your peak in no time.

Boom Boy is proud to offer NZ customers a killer range of whey supplements all jam packed with protein and containing a minimum of carbs and fats.

What’s in Whey?

Whey is one of nature’s richest sources of BCAA acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) and which are crucial for muscle growth. Another prominent benefit of whey is its immune boosting and muscle recovery properties which are a result of protein micro fractions.

However, the thing that makes whey protein a top choice for bodybuilders in NZ and around the world is its rapid digestion rate. Whey delivers amino acids to your muscles a mere 30 minutes after consumption, pushing muscle growth and development.

How to take it

Whey protein can be used by NZ gym junkies as a way of achieving a range of results. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, whey protein can help you provided you use it at the right times and with the right accompaniments.

If you’re looking to add muscle mass, drink a shake in the first 15-20 minutes after your workout when your muscles need sustenance the most. Alternatively, drink as a pre workout shake 30 minutes before you train to prevent muscle breakdown and increase energy.

Whey protein can also be used as a weight loss tool, you can drink it before a meal to reduce food intake or replace your meals entirely with several shakes and small snacks throughout the day to boost your metabolism.

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